How To Make Money Blogging?

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Are you thinking how to make money blogging? I came to know in 2017 that how to make money blogging. There are several bloggers who are earning decent money through blogging. Many of them seemed like regular people like me. A lot of my blog readers asked me how to make money blogging, so I thought to write an article on how to make money blogging .There will be several questions in your mind how they are making money by blogging? And can I earn through blogging?

How to make money blogging

There are 4 steps to make money blogging.

  • Start a blog, do proper SEO and create useful content and establish yourself as an authority.
  • Start finding readers and build engagements with readers.
  • Choose ways of income related to your niche.
  • Be in touch with other influencer to keep your blog on top.

How bloggers make money? (how to make money blogging)

Now you must be thinking how bloggers make money? Most successful bloggers make money through affiliate marketing, advertisement and selling their own products or services. Now we will have a look to ways of making money through blogging.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling someone else’s product or service to your readers by providing your affiliate link. When a reader click your affiliate link and make a purchase, you get a commission for that.

There are several of affiliate programs which you can join. Let’s have a look on some of the affiliate programs.



Amazon associates



Advertisement: Advertisement is the best way of earning money if you are a newbie in blogging. Google AdSense is an advertising program which allows you to run ads on your blog and when any reader clicks on the ads, you get paid for that. It is free to join and you after approval you can place the Ads on your blog.

Even if you don’t get approval from AdSense, there are several other program which you may join like and InfoLinks.

Selling digital products: Many bloggers earn by selling their own products. Some of the examples of digital products are Ebooks, Ecourses, online workshops, Photos, Videos and many more. There are several bloggers who earn a decent amount by selling their own courses or services.

Get paid to write reviews: You can also earn money by writing paid reviews on your blog. You can approach different companies and ask them about writing paid reviews. If you want to connect with these businesses, you can use websites like PayPerPost and SponseredReveiws.

Sell private Ads: When you will be getting lot of traffic, advertiser may come directly to you and will ask to place their ads on your blog. This way you can set your ad rates. The biggest benefits is that there is no middle man. You can place their ad in the form of banners, links and buttons.

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Syed Mudassir Jafri Author

Syed Mudassir Jafri is the founder of Digital Jafri. He has a very deep interest in digital marketing and blogging.

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